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Disease and Pandemic Early Warning

September 1, 2010

Data from remote sensing satellites can be used to provide warning of certain disease outbreaks and pandemics. Researchers create predictive software models by studying the link between environmental factors observable from space and epidemiological data for the population at risk. Several such systems are already in operation around the world, but there are many more…

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Solutions from Space: Faster, Safer, Greener Commercial Aviation

February 1, 2010

Space systems and technology offer a wide variety of benefits to the aviation community, ranging from improved navigation to in-flight entertainment. As the U.S. air traffic management system is modernized, airline passengers should experience fewer delays and safer flights due to satellite positioning, navigation, and timing. New air traffic control procedures will also help to…

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Solutions from Space: Space Applications for International Development

November 18, 2009

The first publication in our Solutions from Space series, this white paper discusses how space systems and applications can be used to enhance international development efforts. Satellite communications and remote sensing capabilities, in particular, have a great deal to offer developing nations. View presentations from the panel event on November 18, 2009 The first publication in our…

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The International Space Station: Decision 2015

October 1, 2009

The International Space Station (ISS) is a valuable asset for the United States and its international partners. This white paper discusses the reasons for supporting ISS activity beyond 2015. The space station is expected to provide educational opportunities, produce useful scientific data, stimulate the commercial space sector, and support future international partnerships, among other benefits.

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