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An Innovative, High Fidelity Approach to Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Data Simulation

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is vital to maintaining our Space Superiority. We present an innovative, high fidelity, time-based simulation tool, PROXOR™ (Proximity Operations and Rendering), which supports SSA by generating realistic mission scenarios including sensor frame data with corresponding truth. This is a unique and critical tool for supporting mission architecture studies, new capability (algorithm)…

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Ecosystem for Near‐Earth Space Control: Methods and Systems for Permanent Debris Removal Plus Enhanced National Security Capabilities

The discovery of a cost‐effective and viable approach to the removal of dangerous low earth-orbiting (LEO) debris has led to several new and related concepts for significantly and permanently improving and protecting the near‐Earth environment, enhancing space situational awareness capabilities, protecting commercial and government constellations and increasing the resiliency of space‐based national security assets. This…

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Reducing Conjunction Analysis Errors with an Assimilative Tool for Satellite Drag Specification

Much as aircraft are affected by the prevailing winds and weather conditions in which they fly, satellites are affected by the variability in density and motion of the near earth space environment.  Drastic changes in the state of the upper atmosphere, caused by geomagnetic storms or other phenomena, result in perturbations of LEO satellite motions…

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Solar Glint for Optical Ranging

Space has become a contested warfighting domain and it is imperative that the Air Force has the ability to provide Space Situational Awareness (SSA) to operational commanders.  Due to the complexity of holding custody of space vehicles of interest with a single sensor, and due to limitations in coverages areas, sensors in the Space Surveillance…

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