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The GOES-R Series: Earth in High Definition

Update of the GOES-R Program and satellites.

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Emergence of Micro-Satellites as Powerful RF Analytics Tools

In the past, satellites under 100 kg in size were largely viewed as experimental — useful for university education and research programs, but not considered to be viable for commercial applications. But the industry and technology are now transitioning into a phase where startups are deploying low-cost constellations of micro-satellites to deliver true value to…

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Realtime ground measurement of atmospheric parameters critical to free space optical communication

Space to ground optical communications requires precise knowledge of cloud cover, turbulence, and absorption. This data is critical at several stages: • Survey and selection of potential OGS sites. • During operation of an OGS to measure link availability and bandwidth • To predict atmospheric conditions over the OGS network in order to balance and…

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The Data Exploitation (DEX) Platform

The Data EXploitation (DEX) Platform is part of the Enterprise Ground Service (EGS) being developed to provide shared cloud infrastructure, common user interfaces, and common command and control for multiple space missions. DEX is an evolvable, responsive, cloud-based data exploitation platform that supports Space Situational Awareness and facilitates real-time identification of abnormalities in mission data.…

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