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In 1879, when Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb using bamboo filament in America, Daisuke Nagata started exporting bamboo products to overseas from Kobe, Japan. Edison said “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Until reaching bamboo filament, Edison tried thousands of times using different kind of filaments but it didn’t bother him because he was confident of his inspiration.

Nagata’s export business started with the inspiration of D. Nagata that bamboo products must be appreciated by Europeans and Americans. To satisfy oversea customers, D. Nagata made every effort to improve product quality by investing in factories and applying various patents until Nagata Bamboo became a world leader.

Since then, during the last 137 years, carrying the banner of honesty and respecting cultures of overseas business partners, D.Nagata extended its business worldwide. We encountered all sorts of hardships, wars, great depression, earthquakes and so on, but every time we overcame and survived by inspiration and perseverance. Products change based on the needs of the market and customers, from bamboo to automobile, from automobile to engine and so forth, but the basic policy of always sticking to quality has not changed.