Kevin Orangers

Executive Director – Space Foundation Discovery Center

Kevin Orangers joined the Space Foundation in September of 2019 as Executive Director of its Discovery Center in Colorado Springs. Kevin is responsible for directing the Discovery Center’s staff and volunteer corps in developing and facilitating the Center’s exhibits, field trips, public programming, and Laboratory experiences designed for teachers, students, and space museum guests. With his background in educational programming and exhibit design, Kevin works closely with the Space Foundation leadership team in the development of new programs and exhibit experiences for the Discovery Center.

Kevin began his career with the American Museum of Natural History’s mobile educational outreach initiative-the Moveable Museum-and has nearly 25 years of experience in museum operations, exhibit design, program and curriculum development, and community outreach. Prior to his start with the Space Foundation Discovery Center, he served the National Liberty Museum (NLM) on its executive team as Vice President of Programs & Operations from 2008-2019, directing all National Liberty Museum daily facilities operations and programming. He was responsible for spearheading the NLM’s signature educational initiative called the Young Heroes Outreach Program, an innovative civic and character leadership program currently in year-long residencies in Philadelphia, PA, and regional schools. Kevin’s continued passion for this work comes from his diverse experience with science and history museums that merge both “hi-tech” and “low-fi” design elements and immersive programming that engages the head, heart, and hands. Orangers earned his bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Rutgers University in 1994.