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Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation

“NASA Radiant Barrier technology enabled astronauts to work comfortably in their shirtsleeves within the Apollo Command Module despite outside temperatures of 25* above zero to 400* below zero Fahrenheit.

An aluminized polymer film, the Radiant Barrier both bars and lets in heat to maintain consistent temperatures and has been used in virtually all spacecraft since Apollo. It is also used in unmanned spacecraft to protect delicate instruments and in space suits to protect astronauts during space walks.

This space age insulation is now marketed by Eagle Shield radiant barriers right here on Earth and is a key element of sophisticated energy conservation techniques. The advanced material can be incorporated into the design of a structure before construction or retrofitted into existing buildings.

Simply laid on top of existing ceiling insulation Eagle Shield radiant barrier can significantly reduce heating and cooling bills and increase the comfort level of your home. The product is delivered directly to your doorstep and can either be installed by Eagle Shield’s professional installers or can be done by the do-it-yourselfer in just a few hours!

Eagle Shield Radiant Barrier is another outstanding example of how America’s space program is paying off for American business and consumers.”