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Nutricote® Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF)

Dependable controlled feeding of nursery, greenhouse, foliage, landscape, bedding and potted crops

Unlike many fertilizers that release nutrients too soon to deliver full-season feeding, Nutricote® CRF (Controlled Release Fertilizer) releases its nutrients gradually and predictably. In doing so, it provides your plants with the vital nutrients they need – when they need them – all season long.

Most controlled release fertilizers depend on the thickness of their resin coatings to control the release period. This results in a wide variation in particle size and a dependence on the physical properties of the granule for consistent release. In addition, it limits the range of release periods available.

The release of nutrients from Nutricote, however, is controlled by the amount of a special chemical release agent in the resin coating. Only the amount of this special release agent varies according to the required period of release designated by the various Types of Nutricote. This special release agent has resulted in a dramatic technological improvement in consistent and precise nutrient release.

Nutricote works like no other controlled release fertilizer

When Nutricote CRF is placed in the soil, the granules begin to absorb moisture through the coating membrane. This moisture then dissolves the nutrients inside the capsule, which, in turn, builds up an osmotic pressure. The nutrients can then diffuse through the coating. The amount of release agent contained in the coating determines how porous the coating is, which determines how fast the nutrients will diffuse in the root zone.

Nutricote is used in proprietary blends Florikan manufactures for the professional horticultural industry.  Currently, the NASA Veggie Project is evaluating these blends in ‘Growing Beyond Earth’.  A NASA Space Plant Biology research grant in Florida schools in Dade and Broward county is evaluating Florikan Nutricote 18-6-8 and Florikan Nutricote 14-4-14 blended with GalXONE SOP 0-0-47 for superior results on earth and in space. Florikan Nutricote 18-6-8 is being used on the International Space Station to grow crops of vegetables for research and consumption.

The keys to the controlled release of Nutricote

The nutrient release of Nutricote is moderately affected by temperature. As temperatures warm in the spring and cool in the fall, the release of nutrients will increase or decrease. This keeps the rate of release synchronized with the rate of plant growth.

Soil Moisture
Soil moisture levels do not significantly affect the nutrient release of Nutricote.

Soil type and pH
Release is not affected by soil type or soil pH and Nutricote does not depend on microbiological decomposition for its action.

Nutricote® delivers all of these important benefits in a single controlled release fertilizer

  • Superior control of nutrient release for the most efficient return on your fertilizer investment
  • Eliminates the need for labor-intensive late-season reapplications of fertilizer
  • Reduced leaching, so optimum fertilizer levels are maintained
  • A high degree of plant safety when compared to similar products – reduced salt build-up
  • Flexibility in periods of release, ranging from 40 to 360 days at 77 F (25 C)
  • Contains the highest NPK components: NPK+ME, DAP, Potassium Sulfate and Calcium Nitrate
  • A durable, resilient and uniform resin coating on each granule, with no cracks, preventing uncontrolled nutrient release or breaking when mixed with soil
  • Every particle uniquely homogenous to insure consistent analysis
  • Consistent particle size for easier and more precise mechanical distribution
  • Higher nitrate nitrogen content in comparison with most other coated fertilizers
  • Can be incorporated in the growing media or top-dressed
  • Consistent rate of release provides steady feeding according to your plants’ nutritional needs

Nutricote® is used under license from Arysta LifeScience America. Florikan is the exclusive distributor of Nutricote® CRF in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and Arkansas.