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JUNTO creates simple, useful products that improve the experience of doing everyday things, and believes in improving the community while leaving the environment better than how it was found. The KegSheet™ is a JUNTO product that serves as a light, compact, beverage keg cooler cover. It changes how beverage kegs are kept cold, in a cost-saving, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable way.

KegSheet™ Technology developed for Space

The KegSheet™ utilizes radiant barrier technology originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts and spacecraft from temperatures that range from 400° F below zero to 400° F above zero. This same technology is used in the KegSheet™ to reflect heat away from beverage kegs so they require less ice and stay colder, longer. The benefits of the radiant barrier technology enable the design to be light, compact, and extremely effective.

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For many types of events including parties, barbecues, and social gatherings, setting up beverage kegs used to involve heavy ice and big tubs. The ice would melt away and result in money wasted. The KegSheet™ introduces a beverage keg cooler solution that is quick to put on, light, compact, reusable, and recyclable, making it great for the wallet and great for the environment.

“The Space Certification Program has afforded JUNTO an extremely positive opportunity to introduce a product based on NASA technology. A relationship with the prestigious Space Foundation demonstrates a drive to connect customers with some of the most advanced products available, while having a certified product lends significant credibility to its design. This all helps lend to creative and strong marketing efforts.” – Dan Gwiazdowski, Creative Director, JUNTO

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