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Drinker’s Guide to Colorado

The new Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinker’s Guide to Colorado is all the Guide Book, Map, and Coupons you’ll ever need. With new and updated listings on all the breweries, brewpubs, wineries, cideries, meaderies, distillers and beverage makers statewide, it’s ready to help you explore all of Colorado’s craft beverage producers in every corner of the state. From plains and valleys to canyon lands and mountain tops – it’ll show you how to have a great time everywhere you go. Ski areas, state and national parks, festivals, fourteeners, mountain passes, historic bars, craft bars and taprooms, home brew suppliers, essays, foldout maps – the Guide Book has everything.

Published by Motion Pixel Lab, Inc., this 27” X 39” full-color map “pintpoints” the locations of 142 brewing operation across Colorado and includes information on state and national parks, ski areas, fourteeners (mountains over 14,000 feet),historic bars, notable beer bars and much more – including coupons for free beer. The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Colorado covers the entire state with information about beer styles, beer tastes, glassware, beer-making and homebrew shops plus facts about every Colorado brewing location. The accompanying “Passport to Free Beer” includes 26 coupons worth more than $150 in free beer, glassware, discounts and deals at breweries, brewpubs, restaurants and homebrew supply stores.

The newest Passport to Free Beer is totally updated, too – way over $300 in Free Beer, Bargains, and Great Deals at 54 locations in Colorado. The guide book pays for itself. More Free Beer Than Ever – 56 unique, valuable coupons worth over $300 in Free Beer, Glassware, Discounts and Great Bargains all around Colorado. You’ll only find them in the newest Passport to Free Beer that comes packaged with every book and map.

The completely revised and updated map was developed using two kinds of space technology: digital terrain data gathered by Space Shuttle-borne radar was used to create the topo-physical relief map and global positioning system (GPS) data was used to calculate accurate elevation data for the list of Colorado fourteeners.

The map is available folded for easy deployment to a glovebox or rolled for crease-free wall display. It can be purchased at more than 160 book stores, liquor stores, restaurants, brewers, suppliers and retailers, including the Space Foundation Discovery Center store – or it can be purchased online at To view a video about the guide, go to