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DATO, a SciFi novel by TS Wieland

With a creative eye on the sky above, TS Wieland is a three-time Global E-book Nominee known for his wide variety of unique and classic style of storytelling, bringing a new generation of readers into a whole new world of immersion through writing. Adding on to his ever-growing list of novels, his deep space thrilling novel, DATO, has had readers biting their nails to the nub with each page turn since 2017.

Set in the not too distant future of 2187, DATO follows the story of wife and husband duo, Lara and Artie Glenn, on their 26-day journey back to Earth from the lonely world of deep space. Riddled with a never-ending stream of bad luck, Lara and Artie’s routine journey home soon takes a swift turn for the worst, forcing them and their crew to rely heavily on their wits and cleverness in order to survive the hostile world of outer space. Even as the cold settles in around their damaged ship, the only question that remains is, will they make it home, or be lost forever in the vast and empty darkness of outer space?

While not only filled with tension and hair-raising moments around every corner, DATO explores the many benefits and powerful messages of space travel within every word written on the page. Heavily inspired by recent tales of NASA’s own Apollo 13 mission and the terrifying story of the USS Indianapolis, DATO delves into not only the wide world of space exploration but takes a good long look at what humanity itself can be accomplish in taking on such monumental journeys. Even as all odds are stacked against DATO’s very own heroes, their ability to overcome the impossible holds a testament to humanities ever growing need to explore the stars and discover new methods towards solving Earth’s biggest challenges in outer space.